March 7, 2010

A Change is Gonna Come

With spring's fresh air knocking on my door, I have that urge to re-do.


It was barely a year ago that I found a rug for the living room after searching for months.  It is soft underfoot...which is a nice treat for your feet when you have mostly hardwoods...and has shades of taupes, browns, and pale blues in it to tie the room together nicely.

Now I have the urge to lift it up, roll it up, and let it rest in the attic during the warmer months ahead.  Dilemma:  Purchase a soft sisal to replace it or go bare for the summer?  

If only I had a white linen sofa.  

If that were the case, I could go either way.  Unfortunately,  when it was time to purchase the sofa last year, my small budget and large family dictated that khaki microfiber was the only option for us.  It has's durable, neutral and attractive.  It's just that I don't love it.  I would love white linen.  I think.

The issue here is that I am afraid having a khaki colored sofa on a khaki colored rug in a room with khaki walls would be too bland.  But I feel the need to lighten the room for the summer.  Take some weight out.  Add some texture.  Leaving the floors bare would really look good. 


It is not cozy for the kids. 

The floor is not protected. 

It is more for me to sweep and mop. 

Okay, then.  'Nuff said.  Decision made.  I think I will try the sisal.  Do you agree?  Thank goodness for free rug samples!

I just had to talk it out.  Thanks for listening! 

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