My Life

My current home is in North Carolina but my heart resides in Charleston, SC.  That is where I grew up...for part of my life, met the cutest, funniest boy who became my husband, and gave birth to my first child.  

In the summmer months, we would go the beach every Saturday and Sunday, eating boiled peanuts along the way. We would stay practically all day. It didn't matter if you had no one to play with.  The sand, ocean waves and breeze kept you entertained for hours. There was no air conditioning in the car and no facilities to rinse the salt water away, like today. We were hot, sunburnt, and sticky and loved every minute of it. 

My interest in decorating and home loving developed early.  My sister and I used to rearrange our bedrooms for fun.  Heck, we used to trade bedrooms and move into new ones for fun.  I once claimed the tiniest room in the house.  I don't think it could have been any larger than 8 x 10. But there were old hardwood floors in it, lots of natural light, and tall ceilings. It had character and was cozy and presented a challenge to me to make it look cute. I was 10 years old. 

Another thing I began doing very young was cooking. I remember when I was 9 years old, my closest friends mother would ask me to start her pot roast in the afternoon.  I would go to friends houses and eat something their mother made and ask them for the recipe. I would look in magazines for recipes and experiment with different things at home. I found I enjoyed baking more than cooking a meal. 

By the time I was a teenager, if we weren't at the beach on the weekends, we were at flea markets, antique shows, or stores. I would slowly look at each display and wonder about the history of each pretty item. One of my favorite things was to go through old photographs and post cards. I loved the expression worn on the faces of each and every one.  I loved the tone of the photo and the quality of the paper.  Much better than now. 

Today, I am not much different than the child and teenager I was.  I am married to and have three children with that cute boy I met when I was 14. We have enjoyed living in North Carolina for 14 years but long to return to the coastal lowcountry.  One day we will.  Until then, a girl can dream.  The coast has become an inspiration for my decor. I love it's, water, sky, and sand. And it takes me back to the place I love.

Reagan, Isle of PalmsWeston, standing in the marsh on oyster shells
Reagan, window of old barn. Boone Hall Plantation Charleston, SC